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Hair-Flying or Harmony? Cats & Dogs

Cats and dogs, age-old enemies, but are they really? We love to make these claims or jokes…but the truth is, they can get along just fine…with a little work.

Relationships Ravaged: Redirected Aggression

Redirected aggression…we’ve mentioned it a lot in this blog so far, but what exactly is it?

Convict Kitties: How to Combat Door Darting Behavior

Many of us have been there, arms full of groceries, juggling things around to open the door, and suddenly, one of our cats decides it’s the perfect opportunity to make a break for it...

Trials and Tribulations: The Evolution and History of the Cats we Love

This was an interesting subject to research. I’ve written on this matter several times, but have now learned that I'd been duped by some very widely spread misinformation and have to adjust my perceptions.

Changing Behavior: Why Punishment Does Not Work

The spray bottle, the shout, shock mats and collars, tins of pennies, smacks to the nose or rubbing noses in urine (Why???)…so many means of punishment, and they tend to be used more often than not...

Speaking Cat: Feline Body Language and Communication

We have arrived! Body language and communication…a big topic, and one very important to cover. Being able to read your cat is an important skill...

Shy, Timid, Spooked: The Trials of the Scaredy Cat

Scaredy cats, we’ve all met at least one, right? There are so many different types, so many different reasons for their fear – how do we help them? Today we’ll discuss just that, using a few demonstrative examples.

Feline Obesity: The Curse of the Chonk

Oh, chonky cats. Cute, but sad. We can’t help but “Aww” when we see those chubby faces, but many of us are a bit nauseated and heartbroken behind those coos. The truth; chonky isn’t cute, it’s morbid.

Curious Cat Characteristics pt. 1: “Why do they do that?”

This post is a compilation, a FAQ of sorts, covering questions and behaviors I am asked regularly about. Most of these aren’t problems, just normal things that us humans don’t quite “get.”

The Litter Box Lowdown: Basic Etiquette

Litter box issues are the leading cause for surrenders to shelters, and with that, the most common behavioral problem. It's important we understand why they arise and how to prevent them, so let's talk about it!

Singleton Syndrome: The Lifelong Consequences of a Lonely Kitten

Singleton Syndrome. Whether you’ve heard this term or not, you’ve likely met a cat or kitten with it! Perhaps you’ve heard the terms “Single kitten syndrome” or “Tarzan Syndrome” instead...

Birds, Bees, and Behavior: Why Spay & Neuter is Important Behaviorally

We're focusing on spay and neuter this week, which some of you may be scratching your heads over, but let me explain…I refuse to consult clients for behavioral problems in unaltered cats. Why? Let's talk about it.

“Couches, Carpets, and Curtains, Oh My!” Inappropriate Scratching Behavior

Inappropriate scratching, oh boy. I get many calls about this one. There are many reasons why it happens and just as many ways to treat it.


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